What is probate?

When a person dies intestate, without a will, the California court system will send all estate matters to Probate Court. Wills also are reviewed by this court for validity. Probate is a lengthy process, often taking a minimum of eight months to several years for the court to complete their actions. Many California residents contact Probate Attorney John B. Palley because they fear the lengthy probate court processes and expenses that would be involved if their estate winds up in probate.

An experienced Probate Attorney, John Palley also is a certified specialist in estate planning and trusts. His clients benefit from his knowledge of California Probate laws regarding trusts and probate law. With his assistance, clients can get through the probate process in a minimum amount of time or avoid probate altogether.

Probate determinations in Placer County rest in the hands of the Superior Court of California based at the Placer County Courthouse. In brief, without a will, living trust or joint tenancy agreement, your estate distribution moves into this slow court process, and the court then determines what creditors are paid and how any remainder of an estate is distributed to heirs. They can appoint an executor to handle the disposition of your assets. The court also will oversee the activities of the executor and solve any complaint issues about property distribution that might be raised by potential heirs.

Avoiding probate is a matter of pre-planning for your estate distribution. There are several ways to avoid going to probate and to determine for yourself who will inherit your estate assets. By avoiding probate, you also avoid the costs associated with probate court fees and other legal costs. It is important to set up estate management in advance, prior to any problems that could interfere with your wishes regarding your property and asset distribution to heirs.

Roseville, California Probate Attorney

You spent a lifetime acquiring your assets and building your estate. Make sure that everything you care about goes to those persons you wish to inherit your property and assets. If you are concerned about probate, contact John at the law offices of Meissner, Joseph & Palley, Inc., located in Roseville, California.

Attorney John B. Palley has received the highest peer rating of “AV” in the Martindale Hubbell directory, and “expert” in estate planning and trust issues by the Sacramento Bee. Please call now to arrange for an initial appointment with John to discuss your estate and probate law issues, at 916-774-0560.

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